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About the natural history of innovation.

Making the switch from corporations to startups and increased investments in local startups are just a few of the predictions for Wisconsin's tech ecosystem this year. This list features a diverse group of companies in the Milwaukee area that are expected to continue breaking barriers in Increased investments in Milwaukee's tech industry, as well as acquisitions of tech companies in the Milwaukee area highlighted as top stories of The rise of the startup and venture fund scene in Milwaukee has contributed to Milwaukee's ranking as 29th on the list of 50 best places in America to start a business.

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Wisconsin is one of the states experimenting with new tactics to nurture relationships with local startups. The inaugural Milwaukee Blockchain Conference was co-hosted by the Marquette Blockchain Lab and Northwestern Mutual and drew more than business leaders, entrepreneurs and students. Emilia Sherifova, Northwestern Mutual's first female chief technology officer, is leading a team focused on advancing the company's technology capabilities and enhancing the client experience. Northwestern Mutual held its second Reverse Pitch MKE event during Startup Milwaukee Week and is inviting entrepreneurs to solve business challenges for a chance to earn a seed investment.

Local entrepreneur and co-founder of startup Socialeads, Larry Hitchcock, discusses the growing momentum in Milwaukee's startup scene. WisconsinInno announced its inaugural 50 on Fire list that recognizes the top 50 people, companies and organizations advancing tech in Wisconsin. Milwaukee corporations are helping to Bolster the local startup community. Inc's November issue features emerging industries and startups, including Forever Labs, a startup that is banking stem cells to help consumers live healthier, longer lives.

Startup Milwaukee has more than 40 free events across the Milwaukee area taking place November Karl Gouverneur, vice president of digital workplace, corporate solutions and head of digital innovation at Northwestern Mutual, discussed the opening of the company's new innovation lab.

Spurring Innovation Through Competitions

CIOs are increasingly working with startups to drive innovation in their companies. Karl Gouverneur, vice president of digital workplace, corporate solutions and head of digital innovation at Northwestern Mutual, has been named one of the top Hispanic Technology Leaders. In its third year, Startup Milwaukee Week includes more than 50 sessions with more than 40 organizations hosting events Oct.

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Northwestern Mutual held a grand opening for its new innovation lab, Cream City Labs. Since launching in , gener8tor has become a national accelerator spurring innovation in Madison and Milwaukee. Northwestern Mutual has been named a runner-up in Innovation Leader's Impact Awards, which honors companies that have achieved extraordinary outcomes related to their innovation programs. Check out five of the top technology and entrepreneurship events taking place in Milwaukee this fall. Founders of 12 companies were selected to participate in the Blueprint Bootcamp, a business development program geared specifically toward entrepreneurs of color.

Many prominent companies and organizations are partnering to create the Fall Experiment, a full day event highlighting the technology, film, music and art communities. Gener8tor is bridging the gap between startups and corporations through Project North, a members-only network that gives investors the first look into new businesses on the rise throughout the Midwest. Northwestern Mutual CEO John Schlifske shares plans to bring together major employers in southeastern Wisconsin to form a coalition to grow technology in the region. Nick Turkal discuss their mission to grow Milwaukee as a tech hub.

According to two recent studies, the number of tech employees in Madison and Milwaukee is significantly growing. The growing corporate venture capital landscape in Wisconsin is fueling startup growth. Northwestern Mutual unveiled for its new innovation center, Cream City Labs, to further advance opportunities for employees to innovate and bring outside thinking into the company. Northwestern Mutual offered the first preview of its new innovation center, Cream City Labs, which opens this fall. Two Milwaukee e-commerce startups, Wantable and Bright Cellars, raised new rounds of venture funding.

To avoid disruption, CIOs are looking for new opportunities to transform their companies. Northwestern Mutual's Karl Gouverneur shared how the company is engaging startups in a new way. The Technology Ecosystem within Milwaukee is growing with excitement.

Competition And Monopoly: Single-Firm Conduct Under Section 2 Of The Sherman Act : Chapter 1

Northwestern Mutual is hosting a series of job shadowing events to introduce sixty local high schoolers to career opportunities in technology. Iconic products such as beer, motorcycles and tractors have been produced in Wisconsin, but in recent years, its economy has changed significantly. For years, Northwestern Mutual has withstood and prospered through crazy ups and downs in our industry and economy. The current digital transformation is reshaping the financial industry tremendously. Hero image: Milwaukee Skyline graphic News. To turn Milwaukee into a tech hub, 6 companies want to double the number of workers by To turn Milwaukee into a tech hub, 6 companies want to double the number of workers by 6 leading Milwaukee-area companies have partnered to form the MKE Tech, designed to attract and retain tech talent in region.

New startup competition could import more tech companies into Milwaukee. Clicking with Milwaukee. Clicking with Milwaukee Milwaukee-based Northwestern Mutual has been a driving force in leading Milwaukee toward improving tech talent and increasing the volume of innovation in the region. Northwestern Mutual invests in AI-based medical records startup.

Northwestern Mutual invests in AI-based medical records startup Pythonic AI, an artificial intelligence startup in the medical records space, has been announced as the winner of the second annual Reverse Pitch MKE event.

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From AI to cybersecurity, executives weigh in on Milwaukee's potential in emerging tech. Building on Matsushita , the Court in Brooke Group laid out a two-pronged, objective test for evaluating predatory-pricing claims. In Matsushita, Brooke Group , and Weyerhaeuser , the Court stressed the importance, in crafting a rule of decision, of taking into account the risks of false positives, the risks of false negatives, and administrability. The Court's decision in Trinko likewise applies decision-theory principles in crafting section 2 liability rules.

The Court observed that it had been "very cautious" in limiting "the right to refuse to deal with other firms" because enforced sharing "may lessen the incentive for the monopolist, the rival, or both to invest in. Section 2 enforcement is crucial to the U.

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It is a vexing area, however, given that competitive conduct and exclusionary conduct often look alike. Indeed, the same exact conduct can have procompetitive and exclusionary effects. An efficient legal regime will consider the effects of false positives, false negatives, and the costs of administration in determining the standards to be applied to single-firm conduct under section 2. See, e.

Bar Ass'n, Antitrust Law Developments , 6th ed. The conspiracy to monopolize offense addresses concerted action directed at the acquisition of monopoly power, see generally id. Grinnell Corp. Verizon Commc'ns Inc. Law Offices of Curtis V. Trinko, LLP, U. Spectrum Sports, Inc. McQuillan, U. Lorain Journal Co.


United States, U. Spectrum Sports , U. See Section of Antitrust Law, supra note 2, at "The same principles used in the monopolization context to distinguish aggressive competition from anticompetitive exclusion thus apply in attempt cases. Olympia Equip. Leasing Co. Union Tel. Dentsply Int'l, Inc. To declare that intention unlawful would defeat the antitrust goal of encouraging competition. Times-Picayune Publ'g Co.

Poultry Farms, Inc. Rose Acre Farms, Inc. Stripping intent away brings the real economic questions to the fore at the same time as it streamlines antitrust litigation. Microsoft Corp. Richfield Co. Appalachian Coals, Inc. Nat'l Soc'y of Prof'l Eng'rs v. Pac Ry. See 2B Phillip E.

Areeda et al.

See generally William W. Ball Mem'l Hosp.