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By the end of the module students should have developed an awareness of the ways in which crime is a culturally and historically constructed category which has shifted alongside changing conceptions of Latin American modernity. It is designed to enable students to develop their ability to analyse and comment on cultural artefacts, both filmic and literary, which address or are symptomatic of a range of key issues in the topic.

The module will give an introduction to the historical and contemporary context of crime in Latin America.

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Students will be introduced to some of the theoretical ideas behind critical criminology, post-structuralist approaches to crime and their relationships to theories cultural hegemony. They will be applied to a range of texts and films that explore key topics in the area. The titles of the 10 lectures will be as follows:. The module will consist of interactive lectures and seminars that will encourage students to take an active role in all aspects of their learning. Reading and preparation for seminars: 90 hrs Preparation for seminar presentation: 20 hrs Researching and writing the module essays: 70 hrs.

Student progress will be monitored through in-class discussion. For the in-class assessed presentations, groups of students will be encouraged to consult with the tutor in advance to ensure that their plans are suitable. Equally, students will be encouraged to discuss essay plans with the tutor in advance to ensure that they are on the right track before submission. Back to Discovery Themes. Women 1, Men Specialty Kids Baby 2. Skin Care Makeup Health Care Massage Vision Care 8. Wholesale Lots 6. Fragrances 2. Oral Care 1.

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La guerra por Juarez (Spanish Edition)

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Sangre en el desierto

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Las posibles causas de las muertas de Juárez

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